Jeremy Bentz,
Pittsburgh NCS

Local Title Coordinator   |  
Administrative Support
Pittsburgh, PA

Jeremy Bentz is Local Title Coordinator for Chicago Title’s Pittsburgh National Commercial Services (NCS) operation. With 17 years of experience in the industry, Jeremy has spent the last 7 with Chicago Title. As Local Title Coordinator, Jeremy has a wide variety of responsibilities. He opens and manages local title orders, orders municipal lien certs, files documents with both the Pennsylvania Department of Real Estate as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Court Records. Jeremy also remits current and delinquent tax payments, facilitates the satisfaction of tax liens, obtains documents copies unavailable online, runs chains of title, delivers and picks up documents from clients in downtown Pittsburgh, and obtains judgment payoffs. He also interfaces with title searchers and all third-party service providers to facilitate the completion of the title search, commitment preparation, title clearance and ultimately clean policy issuance.

My position at Chicago Title affords me the opportunity to develop relationships with a variety of people outside of our office which facilitates the efficient and quick service our customers experience every day.

Jeremy resides on the south side of the City of Pittsburgh. He enjoys living close enough to bike and walk to work. In 2001, Jeremy earned his Film Certificate from the Pittsburgh Film Makers.